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The Games We've Played (Aces High Jokers Wild Book 8) PAPERBACK

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America is acting up. 

The heads of seven corporations who think they own the country have officially crossed the line. In a desperate bid to keep control of the former United States, they’ve just shut off the water to every major population center across the nation. 

 With the clock ticking on millions of people, the Wildcards and their allies race to save lives. They’ve got a whole country to mobilize, organize and feed. They’ve got infiltrators passing intel to the Corps and security contractors banging down the doors. But you know what else they’ve got?

They’ve got each other. And they’ve got a chance.

Life’s a bitch. She rigs the game every step of the way. 

With a good team and a little luck, 

you can come up the winner anyway.

The Games We've Played is the final book in the Aces High, Jokers Wild series and hits shelves July 4th!