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Out of the Darkness: A Fantasy Anthology

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Amphibian Press brings you the worlds of four authors in this collection of dark fantasy tales.

"How to Curse a Kingdom" - Cameron J. Quinn
Pantheon outcast and god of war, Armon fears more rejection when he's called home to marry the goddess of creation and balance. But Demtrie accepts him--even without the disguise necessary for his former lover. No sooner does he find happiness than he's plagued by the phantom cries of a baby. And the truth may curse the kingdom where he once found solace.

"How to Curse A Kingdom" takes place within the Starsboro sector of the Starsedge Universe and follows Trent and Zurik's ancestors.

"The Tempest" - V. S. Holmes
Before Nubon can lead her kingdom she must survive the trial to prove she's worthy--navigate the sea with nothing but her name and the clothes on her back. And between Nubon and the title of warlord lie leviathans, frigid water, and seven other potential heirs willing to kill for the crown.

"The Tempest" takes place in the world of Reforged, 200 years before the events of Smoke and Rain. 

"Men of Distant Souls" - R. T. Donlon
Exhausted and drunk, Levi stumbles out of a bar and into another world--one locked in a generations-old battle. Faced with unimaginable power and the balance of good and evil, Levi must decide if he'll run or take up the mantle for which his soul was made.

"Red and White" - Ariele Seiling
Red and White's world is a cruel magical post-apocalypse where they only people they can trust are each other. When a mysterious dog begins to tail them, the sisters must decide whether trusting him will save their lives--or end them.

"Red and White" is one of several of Sieling's fairytale retellings.
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