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Playing With a Full Deck: Stories of Hope in Hard Times

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Sometimes life deals a bad hand. But it’s all about how you play the cards.

Solidarity in the face of oppression. Songs in the dark. Finding hope in spite of the odds. Thirteen stories set in the dystopian universe of the Aces High, Jokers Wild series keep fighting the good fight in the darkest of times. Characters from the pens of O.E. Tearman, Michael G. Williams, Alex Silver and their colleagues haven’t been dealt good cards in life. But in these pages, they show us how to play the game.

Maybe they can even show us how to win.


Burn Card

Tomorrow Will Come

After Hours

The Square Dance Rap

Bad Hand

Follow The Lady


Bottom Dealing

Draw Out

Come Tell It To The Mountain

Fill The Pot

All Amped Up

Call the Clock