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Surrender to Passion: a Contemporary Romance Anthology

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Four tales of romance and passion from Amphibian Press

"The Heartbreaks that Led Us Here" - Amy Spitzfaden
Amber Loritz chooses first date spots according to her hopes for the future. So when she finds herself in an empty diner on a Thursday night across from someone named Jeremy she wonders "how did I get here?"

"Making Peace" - Victoria Spencer
Maite’s never felt at home—even her newly-bought house feels more like a shackle. Then she meets Arrin, a local artist and the closest Maite’s ever come to belonging. But with tangled politics of Maite’s new promotion, being with Arrin might jeopardize everything she’s worked for. Is following her heart worth risking is all?

"Love as Blue as Hawaii" - Olena Kagui
Stephanie lives on a beautiful campus in Hawaii, has the perfect group of friends, and can’t help but feel like life is about to begin. But try as she might, she can’t seem to figure out where her almost-fiance Kevin fits in the picture—or why she keeps seeing her friend Kai’s face instead. 

"Soulmate Tango" - Angela Breen
Lana and Jason have been in love since they first met. Unfortunately, no told them that.
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